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  • 21.10.2022

    Veranstaltungseinladung des US-Generalkonsulats in Frankfurt am 4. Nov. 22

    Combatting Ransomware and the Cybercrime Supply Chain

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    Jan Heidemanns

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As the digitalization of our societies and business processes grow, cybercrime is an increasing threat. Within cybercrime, ransomware is the most important “real & present danger”, emphasized Richard Downing, the Deputy Assistant Attorney General at the U.S. Department of Justice.
The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack in 2021 was a wakeup call for the U.S. showing how a cyber attack not only leads to significant economic losses but also risks infrastructure that is key to the functioning of our societies.  The U.S. is not unique in this struggle as Germany saw in the Bundestag hacks in 2014 and 2021, and the cyberattack on the district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld.  Since then, the severity of threats has been widely recognized and reported, but action and institutional structures to respond effectively often lag.
This conference provides an overview of the state of play, the role that malign state actors and their relationship to growing cybercrime industry, and effective ways to protect systems, networks, and ultimately our societies against them through collaboration.  Private-public partnerships between law enforcement, businesses, and academia are key to enhancing our cyber security.  The value of information sharing and partnership among all stakeholders prior to a cyber-attack is critical and will be discussed.  The Ransomware actors are working together through the cybercrime supply chain to target their victims. It is time for public and private partnerships to flip the script.

This conference is designed for Chief Information Security Officers.   

Please access the conference agenda and RSVP via this link.